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How to Write Flash Fiction

A flash fiction story is a short story that tells the entire story with a limited number of words. Most of the flash fiction stories are made up of 500 words or less. However, there isn't any rule that defines the length of a flash fiction story. Some of the main things that you need to observe when writing this type of story are brevity, tense plotting, and character construction. You can use the following tip to write a flash fiction story.

The story should dive in into the action part of the story. Flash fiction stories are very short, and you do not have to build a backstory. Start the story at a critical moment of the story. The readers need to feel tensed from the start, rather than building up to the tension. Show the readers a tip of the story. When you begin at the center of the action, you create an impression to the readers that something had happened before. The action should take place off of the main story so that you can emphasize a specific scene or idea. It means that you should include foreshadowing and tone in your story.

Create a good character for your story. A flash fiction story has room for only one main character. Do not waste words describing the character, but immediately describe the role of the character in the story. The story should only focus on one moment in the character's life. The story should focus on a specific moment in the character's life, without including a background story of the character. End the story before you write your final sentence. This is a good way to ensure that your story does not become a punchline. For example, if your story ends with an emotional event, reveal the ordeal before you conclude the story. Visit website to gather more insight.

Flash fiction stories should be concise. Taking time to develop the character using long explanations should be avoided. Always end the story with a cliffhanger. The ending of your story should be enigmatic, something the readers never saw coming. Remove any non-essential elements of your story. Proofread the story so that you can identify specific aspects of the story that do not carry a lot of weight to the story. Register online as a flash fiction writer so that you can post it. Check the feedback from other people and compare your story to other flash fiction stories. This website offers more details.

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